Athletic Brewing Company
Athletic Brewing Co.

Alcohol Free Beer

Athletic Brewing Company is reimagining beer for the modern adult. Their great-tasting craft brews let you enjoy the refreshing taste of beer, without the alcohol or the hangover. You can enjoy them anytime, anywhere and still be healthy, active, and at your best; it’s the very reason they started brewing them in the first place. Their lineup has earned accolades throughout the industry, even against full-strength beers, including the 2020 World Beer Award Gold medal for Run Wild. To top it all off, as part of the Athletic Brewing “Two for the Trails” initiative, 2% of all sales is donated to causes and organizations that support healthy, outdoor, active living.

Whether you’ve decided to cut alcohol out of your life for good, for a night, or for just one drink, Athletic Brewing Company provides an option without compromises that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Athletic Brewing Company

Great tasting beer for today's healthy and active adult

Here is what they have to say:

“We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your ability to be healthy, active, and at your best to enjoy great beer – so we created our innovative lineup of refreshing, non-alcoholic craft beers. Athletic Brewing is pioneering a revolution in non-alcoholic craft beer. The world has been thinking about non-alcoholic beer through the wrong framework. For too long, the category has been judged on a shelf filled with decades old, low-quality offerings. The craft beer revolution entirely missed this shelf.

Forty percent of adults don’t drink, and 85% of adults are actively moderating their consumption to pursue more healthy, mindful lifestyles. And beer itself is a naturally health beverage – full of electrolytes, potassium, magnesium, and anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s just the alcohol is dehydrating and calorie dense. That’s where we come in.

We promise to use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to create great-tasting brews for our beer-loving family. We strive to create brews suitable for everyone and every occasion. No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and drink healthier, we are here for you.”

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