Program Details

Want to become a faster, better runner or obstacle course racer? We offer bespoke training plans, designed around your lifestyle, to get you to be the best version of yourself to meet your goals.

Our training plans are done online via the innovative ‘Training Peaks’ app, with all of your workouts being designed and built into this app. It provides feedback as to your fitness levels and progress.

Our plans are more than just running. They include all the necessary elements to improve holistically including leg maintenance and flexibity, strength training, and mobility. The running programs include a variety of different elements all built around tried and tested coaching techniques.

Our plans are built and delivered by a Spartan UK Pro Team member Jack Carpenter. He has raced around the world and really knows how to make you faster.

All plans include regular catch up calls and weekly feedback forms to make sure programs are updated to suit your progress.

Tailored Plans

Programs built around your lifestyle.

One to One Training Delivered Remotely

Training and coaching delivered through your laptop or phone.

Regular Consultations

Regular checkins to make sure things are going to plan!

Video Training Packs

Strength routines supported by videos with how to guides.

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